some hump day things

- today feels better than yesterday. 

— i am making chicken enchiladas tonight.

—- last night, i discovered i have a mole in my lady region that i didn’t know i had. 

—— i am sooooo sleepy but something happened to me when i got diagnosed and had to stop working. i can’t sleep past 8am. i’ve tried. weird.

——- September and October — those are the last two car payments for REAL! man, if i could, i would throw my whole disability check at the car payment in September. soon though, yay!

go out there and fuck Wednesday up, people! love you.




The Hidden Quest on #ProjectFilmSupply

I posted a project on #ProjectFilmSupply and they are giving away 50k to three different projects (They choose one, popular vote chooses 2nd and 3rd). It’s a short film contest. You post the premise, and the winner gets 50k in prizes to help make your short film.

The short I would like to make is called “The Hidden Quest" about a woman named Rorie who finds hidden clues in a book that her recently deceased father left her and it ultimately sends her on a quest to 9 beautifully abandoned places for a treasure hunt. Rorie soon discovers that she isn’t the only one looking for it though. 

I am asking that if you have a second, can you use it to vote. You do not need to log onto Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr. Just an email address that remains anonymous. They won’t spam you. You just need to put a name (Can be fake if you want) and your email and they send you a confirmation email to confirm your vote. Takes about 3 minutes. Thanks in advance!

I’ll probably keep posting this.


you don’t have to do it with facebook. just your email then they send you a confirmation, click it, vote sent. :)